Bio-based, recyclable, reshapable & repairable (3R)
fibre reinforced thermoset composites

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The axis

The methodology

Development of bio-based fibres with improved properties.


Development of bio-based fibres with improved properties

The mechanical properties will be compared to the ones obtained with commercially available reinforcement fibres.


Development of bio-based composite

Novel bio-based resins will be created from renewable resources with flame-retardants properties. This will be the basis of the thermoset composite.


Composite manufacturing process

Manufacturing process requirements will be adjusted for pultrusion, wet compression moulding and/or RTM.


Reprocessing, repairing & recycling

Reprocessing, repairing and recyclability of produced demonstrators will be validated via mechanical and chemical strategies.


Technical, economic and environmental assessment

Demo parts will be fabricated for automotive and construction sector: a rear seat back panel and a window profile.

The partnership

A consortium of 13 partners from 8 different European countries has been formed to meet the marked objectives. 6 partners are SMEs, 6 partners are research institutions, and there is also 1 academia from different sectors necessary to complete the value chain of the project.

Latest news

Episode 1: Specific Polymers- Generation of 3R resins

September 22nd, 2020|Comments Off on Episode 1: Specific Polymers- Generation of 3R resins

Now it is possible to fully understand the development done in the Ecoxy project and get to know how the Ecoxy partners are carrying out the work of the project. With this week's video the [...]

  • First bio based epoxy result

First bio based epoxy result

December 20th, 2019|Comments Off on First bio based epoxy result

Within the framework of the Ecoxy project, biofibres and biobased resins are being developed to substitute current resins. Due to dynamic hardeners of these bio resins the covalent crosslinks can change under temperature and pressure. [...]

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