In the aftermath of more than three years of international research, the ECOXY project and comes to an end. The European project, involving twelve partners from eight different countries, has achieved its goal by finishing the enquiry and development of new thermoset and sustainable materials, made of a plant origin resin and reinforcements of either linen fiber or biobased PLA. The investigation has concluded that the developed materials are capable to provide three competitive advantages, the 3R: they are repairable, reprocessable and recyclable. ECOXY, with CIDETEC as coordinator these years, had a budget of 4.85 million euros, contributed entirely by the European Commission through the Biobased Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) consortium.

Ecoxy final conference

Elena Jubete and Aratz Genua, from CIDETEC, hosted the final conference

The project parts have been obtained through two types of processes. The window profile for buildings has been processed using the pultrusion technique.

The technique used for manufacturing the backrests for rear car seats is the WCM (Wet Compression Molding) technique.

Ecoxy product

Plastic and composite materials obtain in the project are a real alternative for many industrial sectors. Their advantages in design, ease of assembly and maintenance set out new horizons in terms of sustainability and industrial competitiveness. Within the construction sector, these new materials have a wide range of applications, for instance, the additives confer fire retardant properties to different elements and they optimize the internal temperature of buildings, maintaining a homogeneous heat.

The final conference has a high-level participation, counting hundreds of virtual attenders from all over world, who evince their interest in witnessing the technological progress of biocomposites in a foreseeable future. Along the event ECOXY partners have shared the results achieved during these years of research. They have also had the opportunity to reach and interact with stakeholders enrolled in the event. Most of them, coming from associated sectors that may be benefit from the development ECOXY provides to industry.

The event has concluded celebrating several virtual round tables in which they have taken part some of the most outstanding companies within the construction and transport area. The main point throughout the discussion was finding common ground as regards ideas focus on building new horizons of industry.