Our project will be showcased in the frame of a workshop organised by Aitiip in its facilities. You can already register for free.

The bioplastic and biobased materials are here to stay. Public opinion demands, with increasing force, sustainable products. The industry, to respond to this desire, is developing biobased plastics (from renewable sources) and sustainable plastics. Some brands have already started to implement them and offer their products with biobased packaging.

Project presentation and free training in Aitiip

In order to know what are the current trends in the use of bioplastics and biobased, as well as to present a novel training proposal on the transformation of these materials, Aitiip organizes a day at its facilities on October 15th.

Assistance is free but requires registration. Register now in this link: https://www.aitiip.com/en/training-session-bioplastic-and-biobased-materials.html