On November the 30th of 2020, ECOXY project holds its Online (Live) Final conference

During the event the attendants will have the opportunity to learn from the different partners on how the ECOXY project has been able to produce and validate a thermostable material that respects the circular economy concept.

The online conference will not only show how the partners have achieved to made a thermostable biocomposite that respects the 3Rs. It will also call the attention to the industry on the new developments and opportunities that materials coming from natural sources can be a new market opportunity.


Besides, the presentation of the ECOXY project results the industrially oriented industry will open a discussion among different key players and industries in the composite sector to discuss the place of new material developments in different transportation and construction industries. And how key actors in the End of Life treatment see the development of the consumers and the new market opportunities offered by these new developments achieved during the project.